•  Name: Florian Schwarzfischer

  •  Born: 24.03.19xx

  •  Position: Bass

  •  Equipment:

    Bass: Warwick GPS Corvette Bubinga 6-String.

    Amp: Warwick Tubepath 10.1.

    Cabinet: Warwick 611 – 4 Pro Cabinet

    Pedals: Korg Tuner

    Strings: Warwick black label 40 401 6-string M.

  • Former projects: Hope Dies First.

  • Further Projects: Teard.

  • Favourite Bass Hero: Victor Wooten, John Myung.

  • First live show as fan: Korn (Rock im Park 2001). As musician: With Teard 2002 in Munich.

  • First bought Album: Korn -“Life is Peachy”.

  • Current top 5 Movies: Lord of the Rings, Equilibrium, The Boondock Saints, Scary Movie 3, 28 Days later. 

  • Current top 5 Albums: Rammstein-“Mutter”, Dark Tranquility-“Construct”, Devildriver-“The last kind words”, Insomnium-“One for Sorrow”, Omnium Gatherum-“Beyond”.

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