• Name: Roland Wagner

  • Born: 04.11.19xx

  • Position: Vocals

  • Equipment: everything I can shout into

  • Further projects: Festering Saliva

  • Favourite Singer:  Bruce Dickinson, John Fogerty, Henry Sattler, Tomi Joutsen.

  • First live show as fan: Obituary – World Demise Tour ’94 / Munich. As musician: sometime in 1998 with Festering Saliva @ Bunker Allach /  Munich

  • First bought Album: Unleashed – “Shadows in the Deep”.

  • Current top 5 Movies: Braindead, Evil Dead, Dead Snow 2, Fra Diavolo (Laurel&Hardy), Zombieland.

  • Current top 5 Albums: “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son”(and everything else of Iron Maiden with Bruce Dickinson), Kreator – “Dying Alive”, Behemoth – “Evangelika Heretica”, God Dethroned – “Under the sign of…”, Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Best of”.

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