Pequod - Danny- Death Metal Munich, Thrash Metal Munich

Pequod – Danny – Death Metal Munich, Thrash Metal Munich


  • Name: Daniel Kirstein

  • Born: 27.11.19xx

  • Position: Lead-Guitar

  • Equipment:

    Guitars: ESP Horizon (Seymour Duncan SH-4/SH-6), B.C.Rich Mockingbird Special X (Rockfield/DiMarzio  DP-159), Washburn Solar (Duncan Solar/DiMarzio DP220), Fernandes JS-100 Japan! (DiMarzio DP219/DP220), Gibson  Nighthawk (Gibson Standard), Halo Merus6 Bariton ltd.USA (EMG-57/66).

    Amp: Diezel Herbert, Marshall JCM 800 2210, Kemper Profiling Amp.

    Cabinet: Diezel 4×12  Frontloaded (G-12 K100), Engl 4×12 (Vintage 30).

    Pedals: Maxon OD-808, BOSS-NS2, Korg-Pitchblack.

    Strings: Ernie Ball-Beefy Slinky, D’Addario-EXL116.

    Picks & Cable: Jim Dunlop 0.73 & o.88 mm, Cordial Cable.

  • Former projects: Celephais, Darkseed, Maestitia, Bullfuck.

  • Favourite Guitar Hero: John Norum, Adrian Smith, Paul Gilbert, Jeff Loomis, The Edge.

  • First live show as fan: Death – Human Tour ’92 / Munich. As musician: 1994 with Darkseed @ SBZ Munich.

  • First bought Album: Iron Maiden: “Piece of Mind”.

  • Current top 5 Movies: Highlander, Dumb & Dumber, Predator, Seven, Lord of the Rings.

  • Current top 5 Albums:  Steel Panther-“All”, Alcest-“Les Voyages de L’ame”, W.A.S.P.-“The Crimson Idol”, Entombed-“Left Hand Path”, Queen-“A kind of Magic”.

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