Pequod - Mauri - Death Metal Munich, Thrash Metal Munich

Pequod – Mauri – Death Metal Munich, Thrash Metal Munich

  • Name: Maurizio Guolo

  • Born: 05.05.19xx

  • Position: Drums

  • Equipment: 

    Drums: Sonor SQ 2 Maple Walnut, 20×18 Bass Drum, 10×9 Tom Tom, 14 x14 Floor Tom, 13×5 Snare Drum.

    Cymbals: Anatolian Ultimate 14 Hi Hat, 13 Hi Hat Ultimate Series, 18 Crash Baris Series, 16 Crash Ultimate  Series, 10 Splash Ambiente Series, 16 China Ultimate Series, 22 Ride Ultimate Series.

    Hardware: Pearl Eliminator Double Pedal, Yamaha, Sonor and  Cymbal and Boom Stands.

  • Endorsements: Anatolian Cymbals, Vater Sticks 5A.

  • Former projects: Obscurity, Absorbed in Thought, Pergamon, Darkseed, Das Cabinet.

  • Further projects: Haggard.

  • Favourite Drummers: Jo Jo Mayer, Thomas Haake, Benny Greb, Dave Lombardo, Dave Haley.

  • First bought Album: Bon Jovi – “Slippery when wet”.

  • First live show as fan: Tankard – Alien Tour ’89 / Munich. As musician: 1989 with Obscurity @ Hansapalast / Munich.

  • Current top 5 Movies: Das Leben der Anderen, Flight 666, The Dark Knight Returns, The Wire, Breaking Bad.

  • Current top 5 Albums: Carcass – “Surgical Steel”, Kreator – “Phantom Antichrist”, Animal as Leaders – “Weightless”, Meshuggah – “Koloss”, Rise Against – “Endgame”.

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