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Pequod False Divinity Ep out now free download

Download False Divinity here !!!


Pequod False Divinity Ep out now free download The songs were mixed by Fredrik Folkare (UNLEASHED, NECROPHOBIC). The mastering was done by Peter In de Betou (Meshuggah, Opeth, Amon Amarth and many more…) Tailor Maid Production in Sweden. Produced and recorded by D.Kirstein Munich 2016.

The awesome cover artwork was made by Remy C. Headsplit Design France.

Here some quotes about the last recordings of False Divinity:

“We spent a lot of time (especially Danny), money and effort into our equipment. Everyone in the band knows how Pequod has to sound live and that´s the sound we wanted to capture in the studio. You should be able to play your songs in the same manner and with the same sound, as on a studio recording. So over the years we got to know what we wanted, neck-breaking but clear guitar sounds, in your face vocals and pumping drum sounds. Even the bass came out pretty nice on this recording, especially on the title track itself.


“The mixing was done by Fredrik Folkare (UnleashedNecrophobic) and to work with him was an honour and a big pleasure. Danny did a lot of research over the past years, where we finally found out that Frederik with his way of natural mixing would match perfectly with us. And the result, in our opinion, is very satisfying. Even with his first test mixes he was close to the sound we wanted to have, so the guy had the right feeling for our music — what is good to know.


The mastering was done by Peter in de Betou (MeshuggahOpethAmon AmarthHypocrisy and many more). These two masters really made our sound like we wanted it from the beginning.

“The whole recording process was very relaxing with no stress, as we did not have a real time slot. We took our time and we always will work like this, as we do not want to listen to a record after a couple of months and say, we should have done this or that, or we don´t like this. A record is always a capture of a moment, and this moment will last on the CD, so you should like it from the beginning.

“So the writing and recording of it has been a big pleasure for all of us, but the best thing is to play the songs live in front of a headbanging and moshing audience — that´s the reason to make music for us.”

Have fun with Pequod – False Divinity and leave a message below if you like.

Download False Divinity here !!!

Thank you, horn’s up and stay METAL !!!

Danny / Pequod

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