Pequod - Jens - Death Metal Munich

Pequod – Jens – Death Metal Munich

  •  Name: Jens Burbaß

  •  Born: 22.08.19xx

  •  Position: Guitar/ Backing Vocals

  •  Equipment:

    Guitars: Schecter Hellraiser C1 (EMG 81/85), Schecter KM-6 LH (SD Nazgul).

    Amp: Mesa Boogie Triple-Rectifier, Mesa Boogie Caliber 50.

    Cabinet: Diezel 4×12  Frontloaded (G-12 K100), Marshall 4×12 1960A Lead (Standard Celestions).

    Pedals: Maxon OD808, BOSS NS-2, BOSS TU-3.

    Strings: Ernie Ball “Beefy Slinky”.

    Picks & Cable: Jim Dunlop Nylon 0.73 mm. Cordial Cable.

  • Former projects: Celephais, Darkseed, Annoyance.

  • Favourite Guitar Hero: Dimebag Darrell, Paul Gilbert, Jeff Loomis, Tosin Abasi, Fredrik Thordendal, each of them in a unique way.

  • First live show as fan: Bon Jovi – New Jersey Tour ’88 / Munich. As musician: 1994 with Darkseed @ SBZ Munich.

  • First bought Album: Sodom -“Agent Orange”.

  • Current top 5 Movies: One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Dracula (F.F.C.), Fight Club, Dumb & Dumber, Les Choristes.

  • Current top 5 Albums:  Meshuggah – “None”, Machine Head – “Through The Ashes Of Empires”,     Metallica – “…And Justice For All”, Pantera – “Vulgar Display Of Power”, Anathema – “Alternative 4”.


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